Southland is a proud supporter of Credit Unions for Kids, an organization benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Over the years, the credit union has participated in many fundraising events to support our local children’s hospitals, including working directly with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

This year, Team Southland will kick off a unique fundraising project. We have partnered with an organization that is working to create memorable experiences to improve the lives of children in the hospital.

Gamers Outreach Foundation constructs portable video game kiosks called “GO Karts” (Gamers Outreach Karts). GO Karts are used to provide entertainment, distraction, and even education to children in hospitals who have limited access to activities outside of their rooms.

Thanks to GO Karts, hospital staff can easily transport video games and other sources of entertainment to children who are confined to their beds or immobile for long periods of time. Long-term hospitalization can often be a lonely, stressful, and frightening experience for kids. GO Karts help to ease the burden associated with hospital stays by providing sources of relief and activities to patients.

GO Karts are constructed for use specifically within the medical environment. They are extremely durable and can be disinfected easily. The cart’s 360-degree swivel wheels and small base footprint make it ideal for movement within hospitals.

Southland is committed to providing CHOC with at least two new GO Karts. Our fundraising goal for this year will cover the cost of the GO Karts, as well as a gaming console (Xbox or PlayStation), games, controllers, and a monitor. We invite you to participate in Project GO Kart! There are many ways our Members can get involved this holiday season, from making a small donation, to bringing in a PlayStation or Xbox game rated T for Teen and under, or opening a Southland Jr. Savers Account and Southland will match your $5 deposit with a $5 donation.

No matter how you decide to participate, your contribution will be recognized in your local branch by adding your name to our Project GO Kart wall.


You can participate too!

  • Open a Southland Jr. Savers Account for the child in your life with only $5 by 12-31-18 and Southland will match your deposit with a $5 donation to Project GO Kart.*
  • Make a donation of $1 or more at Southland and we will match your donation. Donations can be made online on our donation page or in any one of our Southland branches.*
  • Bring a new or used Xbox or PlayStation games, rated T for Teen and under, to any one of our Southland branch locations.
  • Your donation will be recognized on our Project GO Kart wall in each of our branches!
    *Southland will make a minimum donation of one GO Kart to CHOC. SCU will match monetary donations up to $5,000.